January’s Month Project….only a little late….

As I was finishing up my February month project today (I’ll share it on Saturday) I realized I never shared about my project for January.

In January, I decided to make the quiet book. I wanted to make a “no-sew” book. So I searched the Internet, found one, made it and was instantly disappointed. Not from the design or the patterns I used but by my end product. I laminated the pages but they pulled apart. I also used Velcro on the pages which proved to be loud and made the book of 10 pages almost 4 inches thick. No good….

So I decided to look into other options and I found a dry-erase learning pack at Staples which allows her to practice writing her numbers, letters, shapes and free drawing. I also made her a felt button snake and a cupcake builder busy bag. For the button snake, I made three different sizes using a small, medium, and large button. I also made pattern cards to go with them so that she places them on the snake in a specific order. For the cupcake bag, I made enough items to make 5 cupcakes plus still having extras left over. I also put in a couple of full pieces of felt for her to place them on as she builds.

I put everything in a bag that she can carry and we grab it on our way out. It works great and also has great educational properties!! Yay!

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