Review of goals from last week…

I didn’t do so hot in the home management section but I think I was planning to much for one week! Especially such a busy week!!

1. Take B’s four year old pictures. (so cute!)
2. Take G’s nine month photos. (I got a few but he was quite uncooperative but he is also sick…)
3. Make snacks, cake, and punch for B’s party. (finished cake 2 days early, snacks a day early and punch the day of)
4. Finish prepping activities for B’s party. (and they went over GREAT!!)

5. Kiss him everyday! (I know this sounds kind of crazy but with his crazy work/school schedule this is something I feel is a necessary goal!)

6. Take a nice relaxing bubble bath. (it was so nice!)
7. Read the rest of my book. (wow! That’s all I can say at this moment!)

Home Management:
8. Finish defeating the sock pile. (DONE!!! I also have a system figured out to eliminate the sock pile! I’ll blog all about that soon…)
9. Get all of the laundry out of the laundry room; if there isn’t space somewhere go through and purge unnecessary items! (barely made a dent 😦 )
10. Start seeds indoors. (winter sowing tomorrow!)
11. Look for pallets to use for picket fencing.
12. Either return and replace curtains or figure out how to make these work.

13. Implement new curriculum. (the new curriculum is great. The kids connect really easy with it and the applications are great!)

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