Goals for February 29th through March 6th…

This week is slower but I’ve got a sick little guy as well so maybe I can dominate the whole list!!!

1. Nurse my sick baby boy back to health.
2. Begin rotation of toys!
3. Clean B’s room with her help!
4. Help B mail her “happy mail”!

5. Support my husband as we teach youth Wednesday night.
6. Have an at-home date night.

7. Write 2 letters.
8. Finish writing B’s birthday letter.

Home Management:
9. Get all of the laundry out of the laundry room; if there isn’t space somewhere go through and purge unnecessary items!
10. Start seeds indoors.
11. Look for pallets to use for picket fencing.
12. Either return and replace curtains or figure out how to make these work.

13. Help teach youth on Wednesday.
14. Set dates for March and April CO meeting and LNO!
15. Check on Easter event!


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