A Birthday Piñata…{no paper mâché required!}

B’s party is tomorrow afternoon and she wanted a piñata to bust. I couldn’t come to grips with spending 20 or 30 dollars on a piñata that I would still have to fill with 20 to 30 dollars worth of candy…that’s just ridiculous. So I decided we make our own!

So we went to the grocery store and got paper shopping bags; the dollar store for cheap prizes to put in; and a box store for discounted after-holiday sale candy!

• 2 paper bags (we doubled it for sturdiness but I don’t think you really need to)
• filler {candy, prizes, and confetti}
• tissue paper (I used four colors but you could just one or as many as you want to)
• masking tape
• dowel rod
• stapler and staples
• ruler and pencil {optional} (I didn’t use them this time but I might the next time…might)

Step One: Double bag your shopping bags.

Step Two: Fill it up! We used cut strips of old used wrapping paper instead of confetti because we had it from another project, then we layered candy and prizes, then another layer of paper.

Step Three: Determine coverage. I covered the whole bag, all the way around but you could just cover the front. (my bag had writing on it and I wanted to cover it all)

Step Four: Cut tissue paper. I measured against the longest section of the bag, multiplied by four and used that to cover one side and one long front/back section. You can make it longer or shorter depending on ruffle.

Step Five: Ruffle and tape down with masking tape.

Step Six: Keep stacking and taping! Approximately 4-6 inches from the top of the bag stop adding rows.

Step Seven: Fold the bag top down and staple lip. Make sure that you don’t staple it too tightly.

Step Eight: Slide dowel rod through the fold. You will use the dowel to hang it.

Step Nine: Add a few more rows of ruffles.

Step Ten: Attach a picture to the front of your piñata if you want.

Next time, I might use a ruler and mark where my rows should go so that they will be more even but maybe not. And I will be covering the top areas that don’t have ruffles with a couple pieces of colored duct tape that I will be borrowing from my mom tomorrow. But that’s not necessary but would give a more finished look to it.

Best of luck with your piñata making!

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