Jimmy The Racing Frog (by: M. Sterling Jones)

AR Book Level: N/A

Scholastic Book Level: N/A

Summary: Jimmy wants to be a race car driver from the moment he is born. As he develops into a frog, he begins training and working hard to become one. Things don’t turn out quite the way Jimmy plans though.

Review: This book showed the progression from eye to frog and the developmental steps which I liked but otherwise I thought the book was pieced together oddly and didn’t flow right. I personally will not be reading this again with my kiddos but it does have merit at the beginning.

Since the story goes through the life cycle of a frog it makes sense to incorporate that when reading it. Over at Tooter 4 Kids they not only have life cycle diagrams but explain each step of the process thoroughly.

The book also talks about race car driving which is a great time to bring in some fun science and math elements. Over at PBS-Nova Teacher, you can find a really neat rubber band car activity! PBS Kids has past episodes of Sid the Science Kid which features a section on force and motion! There are four episodes which are all cute and geared towards younger children!


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