Birthday traditions we started this year!!

We had so much fun Tuesday! And we started some awesome new traditions that we WILL carry on for years!

Before B got up, I decorated the dining room entrance with some hanging balloons so that when she came down they welcomed here! It took all of ten minutes to blow up, hang the balloons and then destatic them. They were sticking to everybody and everything. So we hairsprayed them!


When she woke up I greeted her and with a felt birthday crown. I got the pattern from Skip To My Lou but changed it up a bit by not having the number and trimming the edges with pinking shears after sewing. I have to admit mine was not perfect but I did whip it up in 30 minutes! (on Monday night…) I plan to embellish it and I may even redo it so that it looks more polished!


The next surprise and new tradition was breakfast. I made Cake Batter Pancakes from a recipe I found on How Sweet It Is and bacon that I folded into heart shapes. I baked them in the oven so that they would hold their shape. We put a candle in the pancakes and she was able to blow out her #4 candle!


After breakfast, we let her open a few of her birthday presents. She’ll still have presents on her birthday from us but we wanted her to have something on her birthday!


On their fourth birthday and every year after that I had already been planning to do a birthday interview, and B had a very cute one! I used a couple of different websites for questions but you could potentially just write all of your own. I used questions from Great Jen Creations and The Domestic Blog.

I videotaped her so in following years we could watch it and see how different her answers are and how big she has gotten. A couple if my favorite questions and answers were:

What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy.

Do you think you’ll get married? No.

How will you have babies if you don’t get married? Well, I think brother will be a good daddy! (that’s sweet when their four and will probably embarrass her later on in life!)

After lunch, we headed to an indoor jump house! That was so much fun for B and fairly cheap!


We meet Daddy for dinner before heading home where the wait staff sang to her and she got a free dessert. She shared with all of us, which made my heart melt. I’m glad she has learned that sharing is nice! (and not just for the dessert!)

What are some of your birthday traditions?

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