Giving away….a new birthday tradition….

Tomorrow is B’s birthday and I want to start some new traditions this year. One of the, maybe, obscure ones is to give away each year at their birthdays. I am not a hoarder (in my opinion) but I have kept every piece of my children’s clothing from birth. My thinking is when we have another child it will save us a ton because we’ll already have clothes to outfit them with. That seems reasonable right?

But then I realized I don’t everything, that’s just ridiculous.
So I started going through boxes, that were packed tight! I started with 3 and a half full boxes of clothes sized NB to 12 months and this is what I’m giving away…
I have small pieces from the various sizes that I am keeping. Things we loved, special pieces, dresses, those types of things. I plan to get some of those small double shoebox size boxes to put each size in. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll whittle down the pile more. I did pull out one very special outfit for her and only her. Her coming home outfit…20120220-162300.jpg
But I am happy to part with the boxes and boxes of excess, now just to go through everything from 18 months to now!

I plan to collect all the clothes they have worn in a year and then at their birthday go through and donate. This way it’s not such an emotional moment, you moms out there know what I mean…when your packing away too small and a sad realization hits you that your baby will never be that little again…yeah that emotional moment.

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