Young Adult books….so dark these days….

I will post two reviews next week because this week I wanted to write about YA books.

YA books are so dark these days. It seems they are all about werewolves, vampires, or magic. Most revolve around death as well.

This change has taken place slowly but seems to be now be the theme in most all new YA books you see on the market. Why do you think that is? What do you think of the swing to darker themed books?

2 thoughts on “Young Adult books….so dark these days….

  1. An interesting question. I’ve read tons of fantasy books, most of which are, or should be, geared to a younger audience. These are replete with magic and deadly situations. It’s just part of the genre. One cannot save the world unless something wants to kill it and you.

    You said it was gradual thing, and I think it, like sexuality, has just been amped up gradually by people “pushing the envelope.”

    • I definitely agree that people are just continually pushing the envelope! It’s that way in television as well. As a child, cursing was non-existent on television neither was crude humor, now shows that aren’t filled with cursing and crude humor don’t hardly exist!

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