Review of last week’s goals….

1. Finish and mail kid’s V-Day cards. (these turned out so cute!)
2. Finish and mail B’s party invites!!!! (and people love them!)
3. Put together Valentine’s gifts for the kids. (they loved them!)
4. Wrap all of B’s birthday presents. (I wrapped all but one but I still have to finish it! I’ll post about them this weekend)
5. Finish plans for B’s birthday. (I have gone through my ideas and are pretty definite on most things)

Home Management:
6. Run clean cycle on stove.
7. Run a vinegar cycle on the dishwasher. (these two [6&7] I just keep forgetting to do…errr)
8. Tackle the dreaded sock basket of death. (I got part of the way through it!)

9. Join Weight Watchers. (loving the journey!)

10. Write Thank You notes. (DONE!!!!)
11. Prep new curriculum for Awana. (I love the new curriculum and think it will be great!)
12. Make Valentine’s gifts for B’s leaders on Sundays and Wednesdays. (since B was sick we are doing this on Wednesday [today])

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