Goals for the week of February 15th through February 21st

Last week I had planned to get everything crossed off my list and then kids were sick and I was sleep deprived but I still got some things done. I am very happy with what I accomplished last week and am very excited to move forward this week.

1. Finish plans for B’s party and gather all needed supplies.
2. Plan special birthday morning surprises.
3. Take 4 year pictures of B.
4. Go to my nephew’s birthday party!

5. Spend a quiet evening with my husband. (we didn’t end up being able to do our February date on the 13th like planned, I’m hoping we can do it sometime before the end of the month but with B’s birthday and his crazy schedule it may not happen 😦 )

6. Take a nice relaxing bubble bath.
7. Read 4 chapters of my book.

Home Management:
8. Run the cleaning cycles on the dishwasher and stove!
9. Finish defeating the sock pile of death!

10. Spend one-on-one time with at least two of my Awana kids.
11. Bring a special snack for the leaders as a thank you for all they do!

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