Sick kiddos…simple post….

Today I was going to post all about this cute little garland I made for Valentine’s Day but my sweet B has been sick since yesterday. So I am not going to take the time to post a big huge tutorial tonight.

I will however, post briefly about my Weight Watchers journey this week. I decided to join WW because I needed something that was structured but still gave me options as well as accountability. I also needed to see immediate results. I also didn’t want to feel deprived, by being sworn off of bread or meat.

I joined on Thursday morning with a weigh-in date of Sunday. I started out eating within my points but not really making good food choices. I realized that wasn’t going to work and started to take my food choices seriously. I am proud to say three days in, I have lost 5 pounds and feel great!

I plan to keep working hard and learning how to make good food choices. I will lose the 50 pounds I still need to shed and as an action to my commitment I am posting a horribly embarrassing photo. This photo is of my belly (clothed of course) but it is meant to motivate. I will be getting rid of this!!!



2 thoughts on “Sick kiddos…simple post….

  1. Way to go Hope!!! I love WW. Between that and being sick, that’s how I lost 50 lbs. I’ve maintained for a year and a half but am wanting to get back in and lose some more. Are you going to meetings or doing it online? Sorry to hear B is sick. Valen has been sick for over a week–but seems to be on the mend this morning. I’m not usually a fan of snow days, but this one is very helpful. I hope B gets better soon and that G doesn’t catch whatever she’s got.

    • I am doing it online since the closest meetings are either too far away or at a time I cannot attend. I am loving it though! I feel so much better and have gone completely off soda!

      B is still icky. I’m thinking tomorrow we may be trying to get a doctors appointment. G has been sneezing a big and coughing a few times. I’m getting worried that he might be getting it too. :-/

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