Garbage! Monster! Burp! (by: Tom Watson)

AR nor Scholastic Book Levels are available for this book, at this time.

Summary: A monster lives downhill from a town that feeds him their daily garbage. The monster is happy and the town is happy! Until the town gets too big, and there is too much trash! A solution must be reached. The town comes together to solve the problem but will they find a solution?

Review: I found this book on the Kindle (ereader) top free 100 a few weeks ago and am so glad I downloaded it! This book is absolutely darling. The pictures are bright and colorful while the text is simple yet engaging! I also love the way he weaves the children into the story being the heroes of the town!

This book is all about “green” living and would be great as a resource for an Earth Day unit. Earth Day is April 22nd.

Education World has a unit with five lessons all about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They vary from crafts to academically based.

The Teacher’s Guide has a huge collection of pages that all fall under Recycling. I looked through many of them and was thoroughly impressed by what I saw. The have them leveled by grade as well for ease of use! Great resource page!!

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