Weekly goal review…

This week I really fell behind. Then the weekend hit and it went even farther downhill! That’s okay next week I can try harder. 🙂

1. Make a “bapron” for G. (this turned out so cute!!)
2. Finish Valentine’s Day cards with kids and mail.
3. Put together and mail B’s party invites.

4. Write Hubster a love letter.
5. Schedule February date night. (February 13th! Whoop whoop!)

Home Management:
6. Clean out B’s closet. (finally, all clothes put away and junk cleaned out!)
7. Clean B’s room and rearrange. (tried but some little people weren’t very helpful…)
8. Clean stove and stovetop. (I forgot to start the cleaning cycle when we left on Sunday afternoon and I can’t do it while we’re at home because it’s just too stinky. I did get the top cleaned though!)

9. Give myself a pedicure.
10. Read four chapters of my new book. (great book, and it was free on kindle!)

11. Distribute handouts.
12. Write Thank-You notes.
13. Make Valentine’s for Awana kids. (finished last night, but they are done!)


One thought on “Weekly goal review…

  1. I’m in the falling-behind boat right now too. I’m using sick-kids and an out-of-town husband as my scapegoats…but deep down I know its my management skills. I like the way you’ve organized you list.

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