The “Bapron” is complete!!

This week (and last week :-)), I posted about making a “Bapron” for Little G in my weekly goals. And I’m sure some of you were wondering what in the world a “Bapron” is….well…it’s a super awesome bib!!

Little G is 8 months old and is a mess, most of the time. Eating is an adventure and slobber is our closest neighbor! So bibs have become a huge part of our lives. The only problem, G hates them….with a passion….and he has figured out how to get them off by pulling to release the Velcro or finding a string and pulling. So I had to do something different.

That’s when I found it…the most beautiful thing I had ever seen….the “Bapron” and to top it all off, the tutorial was free and easy!! You can find this glorious tutorial over at Craftiness Is Not Optional! It is a simple print, tape, and create; easy beginner sewing pattern!

And great thing is because of the way it goes on (arms through the hole), Little G doesn’t realize it’s a bib so he wears it without fuss and it keeps him sparkly clean!

A couple of things I did a bit differently: I used premade bias tape (wide) and instead of using a cotton front and flannel back, I just used a heavy fabric for both sides. Sorry I can’t tell you what kind of fabric I honestly do not know what kind it is, but I do know that it was heavier than a cotton or broadcloth.




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