Bird feeders for Valentine’s…

The weather here is so mild that the birds are out already.

We decided to combine Valentine’s and bird feeders with kid-friendly craft and came up with Heart Shaped Cheerio Bird Feeders.

We started with pipe cleaners and a big bowl of Cheerios. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. But here’s a quick run down.

Step One: String Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner. For kids–bend the end of one pipe cleaner at a 90 degree angle so that they don’t fill up the pipe cleaner end to end.

Step Two: String to within one inch on each end of the pipe cleaner; bring the pipe cleaner ends together and twist. (you should have a circle with your ends twisted into the center)

Step Three: Bend you pipe cleaner to create a heart shape.

Step Four: (optional) Add Cheerios to the twisted ends to cover them.

Step Five: To string the hearts together, place one end through a preformed heart heart before completing step two.









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