Last Week’s Goals in Review…

I did fairly well this last week in most areas I would say. I did a lot of things to that weren’t on my list simply because I was motivated by the fact that I had a list!

1. Play UNO Moo with B. (This is a really fun game! I enjoyed it as much as she did!)
2. Have a tea party with B. (We transformed our tea party into a tea party plus dinner including Daddy and Brother as well!)
3. Make G a “bapron”. (I didn’t even get started on this one. I forgot to get the fabric from my parent’s house that I was going to use…)
4. Update G’s baby book. (My baby is growing up…sad face…time for another one??….)
5. Take pictures of the kids. (Completed! I also took pictures of each of the kids with me, which is something I don’t normally do!)

6. Decide what I plan to do for Hubster for Valentine’s. (Posted about this yesterday!)
7. Leave Hubster an encouraging note in his work pants pocket. (I wrote the note, and lost it…FAIL!)

Home Management:
8. Rearrange the living room! (I am in LOVE with the new arrangement!)
9. Clean out B’s closet. (Not at all)
10. Clean B’s room and rearrange! (Didn’t get this done either…)

11. Write a note to a friend. (I actually wrote three notes that were all long overdue!)
12. Do an at-home facial. (This is so relaxing…if you have never done it, go to Walmart and get one of those cheap $1 mud mask packs and do it!)
13. Read four chapters of my book. (I finished it…Look for the review on Friday!)

14. Print out and distribute handouts to Ladies Night Out group. (I printed them all out and then forgot to take them to church with me….oops….)
15. Update PowerPoint.
16. Write Thank You notes from the Fun Fair. (I have to do this!!!!! It must get finished!!!!)


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