The vacuum hose is gone…

Today I cleaned out my car, which was in dire need!

I headed outside armed with a trash bag and my handi-vac. Really it wasn’t too bad, mostly blankets, books, random crayons and trash.

I began vacuuming and realized that in order to really get the dirt (and smashed in French fries) up I would need more suction! So I grabbed my quarters and we headed to the car wash. It’s not too far (a mile maybe) but when we arrived, we discovered there were no tubes on the vacuum pumps and there weren’t any spray nozzles or brushes in the wash bays. The old car wash hasn’t really done much business since, well I don’t really know…a long time. But now it’s gone. No more. Closed!

I was instantly disappointed not because I couldn’t finish up the car bit because a business that was locally owned was gone. Businesses are closing everywhere and people are losing their jobs. Our economy is failing. What can we do about it? We must learn to live within our means. Until we can do that, we won’t have a local car wash and we might not have our local banks and restaurants either.

Think about it.


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