Embellishing a headband from scraps…

Headbands seem to be a big craze right now…kids are wearing thems, tweens/teens are wearing and yes, even adults are wearing them. I personally think embellished headband are so cute but just don’t feel that cute is a justification for paying an arm and a leg for them. I did find this awesome store down on the Branson Landing that sold the pretty headbands for $2 a piece but since we only get down to the Landing a few times a year, if I want a new headband my choices are to either to buck up and pay a premium or make my own. So I decided to make my own.

This week has been busy for us. I run a program at our church called Ladies Night Out, where women come and enjoy time in fellowship without the kids. This month our class was “T-shirt Transformations”, where we took old t-shirts and created some pretty awesome things. Holli and Mom were teaching the class and I had helped or been present when they were making various items at different times. And I was inspired!

So I got out my scissors, an old flag football t-shirt from my college days (that was only a few years ago), a plain headband, some thread and a needle, a piece of felt, and my trusty old hot glue gun!

Step One: Cut a sleeve off of the t-shirt.

Step Two: Cut a strip from the material. This strip can be as long or short, wide or skinny, as you want it to be. This is all personal preference.

Step Three: Taking your needle and thread, sew down the middle of the strip gathering as you go. This is also a personal preference step as you can make the gather as tight or loose as you want.

Step Four: Cut your felt to a slightly smaller size than your completed ruffle and attach your ruffle to the felt. I secured it on each end and then put small stitches every inch or so to make sure it laid flat.

Step Five: Hot glue your completed ruffle to the headband. You might want to try on the headband before hot gluing, so that you can see where you want to position the ruffle.

Step Six: WEAR!!

Enjoy making your headband and wearing it!


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