Weekly goals…

I am always more focused during my week if I set goals. It also helps greatly on those weeks where I feel like life has run me over because I can look back at the list and see items checked off. I haven’t set goals weekly for a while, but I am back at it! I will be setting my goals each Tuesday evening as that evening is really slow after the kids go to bed since Josh works each Tuesday.

I will be setting goals in family, marriage, home management, personal, and ministry. Some weeks there will more in one area, some weeks there may not be any in an area, and some weeks I won’t post my marriage goals as though will be quite personal.

1. Play UNO Moo with B.
2. Have a tea party with B.
3. Make G a “bapron”.
4. Update G’s baby book.
5. Take pictures of the kids.

6. Decide what I plan to do for Hubster for Valentine’s.
7. Leave Hubster an encouraging note in his work pants pocket.

Home Management:
8. Rearrange the living room!
9. Clean out B’s closet.
10. Clean B’s room and rearrange!

11. Write a note to a friend.
12. Do an at-home facial.
13. Read four chapters of my book.

14. Print out and distribute handouts to Ladies Night Out group.
15. Update PowerPoint.
16. Write Thank You notes from the Fun Fair.


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