Pinterest and our love/hate relationship…

I have only been on Pinterest a few months and already I have over a 1000 pins. Compared to many people that is a barely a drop in the bucket, compared to some I am the big fish of the sea.

This week when I peaked over a 1000 my initial reaction was “hey how cool. I have a thousand pins.” Then my logical side kicked in and said “oh my gosh, how much time have you wasted to have pinned a thousand things!”

I realized though I only get on Pinterest when I am nursing the baby and can’t move or do much of anything, or when I am lying in bed at night with nothing to do (like on nights when Hubster works). Pinterest is an outlet for me. It makes me feel like I have a connection with people as ridiculous as that may sound.

Now if I can just figure out how to mark the pins after I complete them??

3 thoughts on “Pinterest and our love/hate relationship…

  1. Wait, there’s a way to mark completed pins? I must research this! I don’t have 1000 pins. Only 102. How sad. Of course I don’t have a nursing baby either. When I did there was no such thing as Pinterest. There was Yoville. And I had the most awesome yopartment ever. Pinterest is less of a waste of time.

    • Oh no, I meant to say there isn’t a way to easily mark pins as completed…other than creating a new “I finished it” type board and repinning completed pins or commenting on each pin after completion.

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