Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (By: John Grisham)

AR Book Level: 5.2

Scholastic Book Level: 5.2

Summary: Theodore Boone aspires to be a great courtroom lawyer, but until then he offers free legal advice to anyone who asks it of him. This time, the issue he is presented with may be a little bit bigger than he can handle. When a friend comes to him with information that could change the verdict in the biggest case in Strattenburg, Theo has to figure out what to do…

Review: While John Grisham is known for writing adult fiction, he takes on a new role in writing for the young adult. I am not sure that I would say it is a good turn. The book moved a bit slow and the ending was abrupt and didn’t really provide any type of closure. I did discover that there is another book in the series but I think I would have preferred that he simply finished the story in one book, rather than adding another book to the series.



On Theodore Boone’s personal website, you can visit the various settings of the book including Theo’s office and the courtroom.

John Grisham talks all about Theodore Boone and his young adult writing over on Scholastic.

Since Theodore Boone is all about the Duffy trial, I thought it fitting to include an activity about the courtroom. This lesson does not go specifically with the Theodore Boone book, but is a very good overview of how court works and the processes of law.

This lesson also does not go directly with Theodore Boone, but rather is a CSI in the Classroom unit. It details the way that evidence is gathered which is a vital part of every trial.


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