An Experiment in Laundry Detergent….Front Loading HE Washing Machine….

I used all three types of detergent in my machine, which is a High Efficiency Front Loader. I was worried that the different styles would have trouble flushing through the dispenser or would leave a funny residue. But they didn’t!

Each flushed through the dispenser and each washed the clothes cleaned. I doubled the amounts of detergent and did normal size loads. I didn’t mark down each item put in because I totally forgot and was washing G’s clothes that he had recently pooped on! I did put a stained item in each load, either poop or baby food, and each type of detergent cleaned the stains beautifully! I was more impressed by this detergent than I am by store bought detergent!!

The clothes come out with no smell at all (other than clean) so I am thinking I may try and make a fabric softener or dryer sheet to add that has a bit of scent. That’s totally a personal preference and is totally unnecessary!


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