January’s Monthly Date…


Last night we went on our preplanned, prepaid date. (I know some of you are thinking last night was Monday and it was but that’s what worked for us!)

It didn’t go quite as planned but it went great!!

I set it up kind of like Amazing Race, where you open an envelope and get a clue. The “clues” varied from directions to instructions.

We dropped the kids off and headed out. Our first stop was for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse where we had a delicious meal!

Our second stop was Battlefield Lanes. We were going bowling! We love to bowl but we never go bowling. So we hit the lanes. Sadly the bowling alley we went to served liquor and the people next to us were drinking and were slightly inconsiderate. (I’m being nice when I say slightly). I had planned to play the M&M bowling game (which can be found on The Dating Divas) but unfortunately the bowling alley didn’t sell M&M’s. Crazy right? So we played two games and enjoyed ourselves!

We stopped for shakes on our way home, picked up the kids, and were home by 9:00 pm.

This date night was one of the super simple ones but was SO much fun!!


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