An Experiment in Laundry Soap….Top Loading Washer Results….

We used each type in my Mom’s regular (older style) top loading washing machine. And then we had my non-biased sister come in and tell us what she thought!

Borax, Washing Soda, and Ivory Soap




**Remember each recipe came from the same base, they were just made differently**





Powdered Detergent: We used 2 Tablespoons in a load consisting of a flannel shirt, 2 hand towels, a washcloth, 2 towels, and a sweatshirt.

Concentrate: We used 8 teaspoons in a load consisting of a towel, sweater, pair of pants, long johns, and socks.

Regular Liquid: We used 1/2 cup in a load consisting of a hoodie, sweat pants, 2 towels, and 4 hand towels.

These loads were small and we used laundry detergent in accordance to load size (so if you do a large load, triple the amount of detergent).

This is a very low sudsing formula.


Now for the results….here comes the judge….

Holli Smelling the Clean Laundry

My sister, Holli, has the nose of a bloodhound….seriously….I’m not kidding!
So we called her in to sniff the laundry and tell us what loads smelled clean and felt clean…..DRUMROLL PLEASE……\
Every single load passed her test!!! So on the regular top-loader all recipes have been approved.
Come back on Wednesday for the results of the HE Washer tests….
Come back tomorrow to read all about our monthly date night which is occuring this evening….

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