An Experiment in Laundry Soap…

On Thursday, the kids and I loaded up the car and headed to my parents house to stay for a few days. My niece was also home from school since they had called a snow day. So the kids were able to play and Mom and I made laundry detergent…a lot of laundry detergent…

I have a front loading high efficiency washer, so I was looking for a liquid detergent. My mom has a top loading washer and was planning to make a powder. So together we made 3 different kinds.

Regular Liquid

The concentrate was a less watered down version of the regular liquid, but they were made with basically the same recipe.

We are using each different detergent in each machine to determine the cleaning effectiveness and how well they dissolve, ease of use, performance, etc. Then we will share those results with you.

Whichever recipes are successes will be shared so that you can replicate them and save some big bucks!


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