Miss Daisy is Crazy (By: Dan Gutman)

AR Book Level: 4.3

Scholastic Book Level: 2.5

Summary: Miss Daisy is a very odd teacher. Not only does she hate school, but she doesn’t know how to multiply or read or any of the things teachers are supposed to know. We are going to have to work hard as a class to bring her up to speed or she might lose her job!

Review: I thought this was a really cute book, but I did have an issue with the kids calling the teacher crazy and dumb. I understand the premise behind it, being that the teacher gets them to like school and learning by teaching her. But I think a bit of respect is lost in the fact that they think and call their teacher dumb. I do like how the “trick” the kids into reading all those books though. I have to say though that the difference in AR level and Scholastic level is a bit disturbing. I think is one of those, you need to read it first and decide if you think your child can manage it.



Fun Trivia has a quiz that can be taken online, or could be printed and given as a test after reading.

Dan Gutman’s website also offers two study guides. The My Weird School Classroom Activity Sheet goes with Miss Daisy is Crazy as well as Mr. Klutz is nuts, but many of the activities could work for one or the other. Some of the activities could even be used independently from the book. The second study guide, The Weird World of Dan Gutman, has discussion questions that apply to all of the Weird World books.


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