Random Word Night for One…

I shared with you yesterday about our At-Home Date that we randomly pulled from the Can Of Dates I made. But today I would like to share with you how to make it fun with one!

You can find the explanation at My Creative Stirrings, but the premise is a random word is decided upon. Each letter is then written next to each question given and then using that letter you determine an answer to the question.

As a single person or as a group of friends, this could be done as simply a fun evening or dinner party.

Since you already obviously know the questions, you would probably want to list four or five words on slips and then randomly choose one. Then you would just answer the questions with the letters. I will give you an example of what I mean using our word “HOPSCOTCH” that Hubster picked out.

What to wear? “H” & /or “T”    (You obviously wouldn’t have to dress up by it could be fun to put on something crazy and take a few pictures of yourself! I would do it if I were single!)

  • Hat, headband, helmet, handcuffs
  • Turtlenecks, tunic, trousers, tap shoes, tiara

Eat at a restaurant or make your own food “O” &/or “C”

  • Outback, Chili’s, Orange Julius (not really an entree type place but you could stop here and pick up your treat)
  • Orange Chicken, Olive and Cheese Pizza, Open-faced Club

Visit a place “P” & /or “H”

  • Park, patio, pathway
  • House, happy place

Activity “S”

  • Soaking in the bathtub, Singing a song, Shouting, watch a show or movie beginning with “S”, Solitaire on your phone or computer

Conversational topics “C” (unless you are talking outloud to yourself, I thought you could change this section up by making it a person you call, email, or write a note to…)

  • cousin, church leader, congressman, a friend or family member who’s name starts with “C”

Treat “O”

  • Oreos, olives, oranges, orange juice



This is just a spin you might try for a fun change to your nightly routine!

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