Can Of Dates…Random Word…

Tuesday we pulled a date from the Can Of Dates for our once a month at home date, and we got the Random Word date. This is a really fun date, especially if you and your spouse jump on board and act a little silly!!

My husband blindly picked the word “HOPSCOTCH” before learning what he was picking words for. That was probably for the best so that he didn’t try to tailor his word to the questions. Each letter from our word was then listed in order with the questions that are listed.

What to wear? “H” &/or “T”
Eat at a restaurant or make your own food “O” &/or “C”
Visit a place “P” &/or “H”
Activity “S”
Conversational topics “C”
Treat “O”

Our date went like this: I made Orange Chicken for dinner which we had as family. I wore a hat, house shoes, and my house coat. He wore a hoodie, a hat, and trousers. Miss B dressed up but not in accordance with the letters, and Mr. G could care less as long as he was being fed. After dinner, we ate a treat of Oreo Klondike Bars, before going out to the Patio and slow dancing. We also ended up stargazing. After the kids went to bed, I took a bath (soaked in the tub) and then we layed in bed and watched a movie. It started with an S but I don’t remember the title. It was older and had Sarah Jessica Parker and Bruce Willis in it. Not the best movie in the world…Anyway, the only part of the date that we didn’t adhere to well was the conversational topicals starting with C.

Overall, I think everybody enjoyed Date Night, even the kids! Next week, we are headed on our out of the house date! Hubster still does not know anything about it other than he can wear jeans! This is going to be fun!!

For the full date instructions, head over to My Creative Stirrings.


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