Advance Meal Prep…

I hope that everyone out there meal plans! It can be such a lifesaver and takes the hassle out of that loaded question “What’s for dinner?” If you don’t meal plan, try it for a week or a month and see what you think.

Since I meal plan for a month at a time, I buy some items that need to be dealt with before the time comes to use them, like produce, and that’s where this week’s advance meal prep came in.

I had purchased a few pounds of bananas that I knew would not last until time to use them and I also got some extras in anticipation of freezing. So I put them all in a bowl, and got out my masher. I went to town on those suckers, and mashed up 5 cups of bananas. I then packaged them in freezer bags, that are clearly labeled, in 1 cup increments and placed them in my freezer.

While I was working on those, I had chicken boiling on the stove. After it was cooked through, I shredded and placed it in freezer bags in 2 cup increments. I boiled 4.67 pounds and came up with 10 cups of shredded chicken, not too shabby!

This whole process took about 30 minutes, I also folded a load of laundry during this time and talked to a nice visitor who stopped by to drop a few things off. The kiddo’s were taking naps so I was able to get it done fairly quickly. Now when I go to make dinner I am ahead of the game, as I just have to grab out of the freezer my pre-fixed meat and add it into my recipe!

A little work like this can save tons of time later on!

The Spoon Trick my Mother-In-Law told me about. Place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot and the water won't boil out! It really works too!

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