A Recycled Wreath…

I am all about wreaths! I love a wreath on the door of a home. It just seems so welcome and inviting, however I have never hung a wreath on my front door other than during the Christmas season of 2010 (and it fell off because of wind and weight…oops….). But this year I was determined to hang a wreath!

My original thought was to simply hang a wreath that matches the upcoming holiday but the time between New Year’s and Valentine’s is simply too long to hang a Valentine’s wreath (at least in my opinion). So I made a fun, anytime wreath, and I recycled.

My wreath is made from an old hanger and plastic shopping bags. (If you want to make this craft, you will also need a pair of scissors!)

You need to cut the bottom off of the bag, as well as the handles. Then you will cut off the decorative store panel (the words). You should have a rectangular shape at this point. Then you will cut the rectangle into strips. (I just kept folding and cutting until I got them cut into 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips. They were around 4-5 inches long.

Bend the hanger into the best circle you can make. As you can tell, mine is definitely not completely round!

Begin tying your strips onto the hanger.

Fluff and shift some of the strips. If you don’t shift and fluff, you will have a knot seam. At this point you could add embellishment if you wanted to or you could simply hang it, like I did!!

Do you think it needs a bow?

p.s. I plan to paint the door this summer, any suggestions…


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