A new year brings about new beginnings…

I think most of us are familiar with New Year’s Resolutions. I would say most of us are also used to the epic fail of one week later and all of our resolutions are unkept.

I am one of those who have always set the lofty goal of doing all these things and not doing them. My 30 day challenge is a good example of this. I haven’t really updated you all because I really have done horribly!

So I’m setting resolutions. More like goals and monthly projects I am planning to do. I also have set a word that I plan to focus on throughout the year.

My one word: self-discipline

Goals: (these are large and lofty goals, I will share how I have them broken down later in the week)
1. Become healthier.
2. Grow closer to God.
3. Organize my home.
4. This one I will have to share tomorrow! (Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and this one is a relationship goal.)
5. Read 52 books.

Monthly projects: (these items are not listed by month because I plan to simply pick from the list each month)
make homemade marshmallows;
make a quiet book for my daughter;
make homemade candies;
make an I Spy book for my daughter;
make chocolate wafer cookies;
make blocks for my son;
make ice cream sandwiches;
make a cross-stitch for my home;
make freezer jam;
make an outfit of clothing for each of my children;
make homemade soap; and
make a quilt for our master bedroom

Have you set resolutions for the year? What are they?


2 thoughts on “A new year brings about new beginnings…

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