A Fun Little Party Snack!

Tonight, we are headed to a New Year’s Eve Party! Yay! And we are making party snacks!!

I found these super cute “Hamburger Cookies” over at Come Together Kids and knew that I had to make them. (I also have fallen in love with the Come Together Kids website and think everyone should visit it for all the goodies you can find!!)

I adjusted my recipe to what I could find at the grocery store. I also colored my own icing rather than buying expensive tubes of pre-colored icing.


Supplies: vanilla wafers, coconut, fudge covered oreos,

icing, bowls, spoons, ziploc bag, decorator bottles, food coloring

Step One: Color coconut by placing it in the ziploc adding green food coloring and shaking!

Step Two: Color the icing. You want to have a yellowish-orange for mustard and a red for ketchup.

Step Three: (Optional) Lay out all of your materials.

Step Four: Attach the bottom “bun” (vanilla wafer) to the “meat” (fudge covered oreo) using a small dot of icing and a small amount of pressure. Be careful not to break the “bun” or the “meat”.

Step Five: Put a small amount of “mustard” and “ketchup” on the “meat”. You want it to be near the edges so that the top “bun” will stick to the “meat”.

Step Six: Add a small amount of “lettuce” (coconut).

Step Seven: Place the top “bun” on the hamburger.

Completed Hamburgers; displayed on a bed of "lettuce"

Step Eight: (Optional) Place in the refrigerator to harden.


These turned out so cute and I will definitely be making these again! My mom helped me make them but they would be so much fun to do with the kiddos!!


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