Halloween Hats (by: Elizabeth Winthrop)

AR Book Level: 2.7

Scholastic Book Level: Not Available

Summary: Hats are everywhere, hats of all shapes and sizes. Hats for hiding your face and hats for pretending to be something else.

Review: This book is full of great descriptive words. It is full of really colorful language that would be very helpful in expanding a child’s vocabulary. We didn’t read it at Halloween but still enjoyed it!!



Since this book is all about hats, it seems appropriate to include a hat making activity. Here are some great instructions on how to make many different designs.

At Family Corner, they have some fun Halloween activities and since this book is centered around Halloween that definitely seemed appropriate!

An Activity From The Brain of Hope: Gather several different items. Place them into brown paper sacks. Have the children place their hands inside the bag and using only adjectives describe the item. (i.e. soft, hard, fuzzy, slick, small, large, etc.) Fold a piece of paper in half (hamburger style). Write the descriptive words on the left side of the paper. Using the description on the left side, have the child draw a picture of what they think is in the bag. Now, pull the item from the bag and compare it to the description and picture that they have on the paper. You can have them make another description and drawing, if you wish.


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