A New Year’s Party Craft

Yesterday, my sister and I made Party Poppers for a New Year’s Eve Party we are having at our church. We will be making more the evening of the party but wanted to make some beforehand as well.

They are super easy and could easily be done with kids! They would also be fun to have as a party favor at a birthday party as well.

Supplies Needed: toilet paper tubes (you can use any kind of cardboard tube, cut to the desired size), confetti (we used all of the Christmas wrapping paper we shredded), tissue paper, scissors, tape, curling ribbon, items for stuffing (gum, candy, small items, etc.)


Step One: Fill the toilet paper tubes with various items and confetti.

Step Two: Cut the tissue paper down. (If you use a full sheet cut it into four pieces, otherwise cut it into 12″ x 12″ squares {or something close})

Step Three: Secure the tissue paper to the tube and begin rolling.

Step Four: Tape the tissue paper down.

Step Five: Tie off the ends of the tube with curling ribbon.

Step Six: Curl the ribbon (or have your wonderful sister do it for you!)


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