Utilizing a Home Management Binder

I briefly mentioned my Home Management Binder in my post on Home Care Goals. I’m sure that many of you may have heard of such a thing even if you don’t have one of your own. I have a very simple home management binder that simply has a daily docket for each day in it. That was working pretty well for me for a few months but I know now that if it will be effective long-term I need to expand it.

I am a list person! I love a good list and the joy of marking things off makes the hair on the back of my neck tingle, well not literally of course. But I do love to mark things off. I am also working through postpartum depression (PPD) and a serious lack of self-discipline (I bet your surprised by that last one, ha ha ha, NOT!) So having a list really helps me stay focused and on track.

One of my new items that I am putting in my binder are the Cleaning Lists that I posted about yesterday. I am looking for another daily docket that works for me, as the one I am using now isn’t really fitting the purposes I want. I may end up creating my own forms and if I do, of course I will share them with you!

As for now I would like to provide you with some website links, for sites that have some great ideas, explanations or printables on them….

  • The Good Wife — She has some great cleaning lists and I especially like how she calls her binder the Brains of the Operation!
  • IHeart Organizing — She has some great explanations of what she puts under each tab in her binder, which were really helpful when trying to determine what I wanted to put in mine.
  • Making It Bright — She also has each section listed out with her sub-sections listed as well. She also talks about how her husband and herself share a Google calendar which helps them to keep track together.
  • The Nest Effect — She has several posts on her home management binder, starting with this one. I haven’t had a chance to read through all of them but am excited to do so!

Another great site I want to share is My Simpler Life! This link will lead you directly to her 2012 Declutter Calendar, which I also plan to put in my binder and utilize each month. (I know it doesn’t fit exactly into the post but I wanted to make sure and share it!!)

As I get my “new” home management binder, I will post information and maybe pictures….maybe!


Do you have a home management binder? What do you have in it?


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