Clean, clean, clean….

In my post on my Home Care Goals, I posted the goal of creating and implementing a monthly deep cleaning schedule. After weeks of looking and reading about various others methods, I finally fell in love…with my own creation!

I decided that the only thing that would really work for me, was to create my own lists that were specific to my home. I have a smaller home, around 1400 square feet. It is a two-story barn style home, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I have a list that applies to the Master Bedroom, Kid’s Bedroom, Upstairs Bathroom, Downstairs Bathroon, Stairwell/Hallway (mine are connected so it makes sense to do them together), Outside (as these are as much living spaces for my family as the rest of the house), Office, Laundry Room, Kitchen/Dining Room (another one of those it just made sense to me), and Living Room/Play Area.

Since there are 10 lists and I plan to do the deep cleaning each month, I plan to work on an area every 3 days.

  • 1st-3rd: Master Bedroom
  • 4th-6th: Upstairs Bathroom
  • 7th-9th: Kid’s Bedroom
  • 10th-12th: Stairwell/Hallway
  • 13th-15th: Downstairs Bathroom
  • 16th-18th: Office
  • 19th-21st: Laundry Room
  • 22nd-24th: Kitchen/Dining Room
  • 25th-27th: Living Room/Play Area
  • 28th-30th: Outside (Since February runs out of days here, I would either shoot to finish it on the 28th, push it up the calendar, or skip it this month)

I will share my Cleaning_Lists, so if you would like to use them, you can! But I would suggest personalizing any list you choose to use!  


I also have a daily and weekly list of cleaning that I utilize each week. Do you have a schedule that you use?


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