I’ve got all this used wrapping paper and tons of ideas of how to reuse it!!

Wrapping paper is probably taking over your trash bins right about now but rather than throwing it away, why not put it to good use?

I am shredding it to use in party poppers for a New Year’s Eve party. You could also shred it for filler in gift bags, for shipping items, as a replacement for Easter grass, or stuffing in felt crafts.

You can cut paper doll clothes from cute wrapping paper.

You can use it to line envelopes or to make embellishments for homemade cards.

You can also use it in paper mache and to make a homemade piñata!

There are some great fun options when it comes to reuse. They save you money and it can be fun too!!

If you have any more ideas, share them! I would love to hear what you’re doing with yours!!


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