Hair for the holidays…

I can honestly say that I have a deep hair-envy of those ladies that just seem to have it all together and have perfect hair all the time. I could care less about makeup but having my hair fixed is something I love. Since I didn’t know how to do it myself I always had to go to the hairdresser in order to get it fixed, well not anymore!

My sister is pretty awesome, 95% of the time… 🙂 … I love you, Holli! Just kidding of course. She is pretty awesome all the time and she introduced me to a website that has changed my philosophy on hair and my ability! The wonderful woman who runs the site, Kate, is a professional hairstylists who gives you tips and tricks on how to acheive salon looks at home. She provides a video for each topic and goes through the process step-by-step. And for those of you, who like me, are hair-illiterate, The Small Things Blog is wonderful!!

I have even been able to replicate some of the looks myself! This picture is what I was able to produce after watching the How to Curl Your Head With a Curling Iron, Full Tutorial. (Side note–Please ignore the fact that I have the phone in front of my face, I haven’t quite mastered taking pictures of myself while holding the camera. And ignore the cheesy looking expression on my face!)


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