Christmas Quick Gift, Tutorial #3

This gift was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. But ours turned out nothing like that! We did a kid-friendly version, with a lot simplier supplies! My beautiful daughter helped me make these for her Papa. Remember she is three years old!


 Supplies Needed: Pom-poms (various sizes), glue, brown paper, black pipe cleaners, tape, googly eyes, and Hershey’s bars!



Step One: Cut the paper to the same size as your Hershey bar. (You will be wrapping the bar and don’t want tons of paper sticking out over the top). I also taped the flaps on the end of the Hershey bar down to get a more accurate measure but you don’t have to.

Step Two: Using the tape attach the paper to the Hershey bar and then roll the paper around the bar fully covering it. Secure with tape.

Step Three: Take a pipe cleaner and bend it into the shape of an antler. You will either need to cut the pipe cleaner in half with wire cutters or bend it in the middle to create two antlers.

Step Four: Shove the antler into the paper at the back of the reindeers face. I didn’t secure it any more than that, but you certainly can. (I knew these would get eaten pretty fast so I wasn’t too worried about it.)

Step Five: Glue on the googly eyes, a larger pom-pom for the nose, and smaller pom-poms for the mouth. (I ran a glue line and then let my daughter stick them to the glue.)

Other than step four and part of step two, my daughter basically did all of it. And they turned out like this….

Candy Bar Reindeer

Papa loved them!!

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