Christmas Gifts Quick, Tutorial #2

This tutorial is for a Cardboard Box Pad. I originally found a tutorial here, using cereal boxes and mod podge, but in an attempt to not use glue of any kind (because I didn’t want to be covered in it when I was finished crafting), I did my own version and that is what I will be sharing with you.

I had all of the supplies on hand for this one and so I think you probably will to, which makes it even more wonderful and simple!

You need: a cardboard box of some kind (you can use any box but you probably want to do something cute), a cutter or scissors and a ruler, computer paper or lined paper,  a hole punch and brads.

This really is simple. So don’t feel overwhelmed! I will post the pictures and then the tutorial below! Have fun while doing this too (that’s an order)!!

Step One: Begin by cutting down your box. You don’t want to have any of the flaps still attached, you simple want two flat pieces. You can use any part of the box but you will want something cute. You can cut it into a custom size or use the entire front and backs of the box (which is what I did with the particular box in my pictures).

Step Two: Cut the paper you will be using inside your pad to the same size as the front and back covers. I used printer paper but if you use lined paper make sure you are cutting it so that the lines are headed the right direction (so you don’t complete your pad and have your lines headed vertically and your pad opening horizontally).

Step Three (Optional): Score the front and back, 3/4 inches from the edge. You don’t have to do this but it does make it easier to use the notebook as the cover cleanly opens.

Step Four: Hole punch! If your pad is taller than five inches: You want to find the exact center and hole punch there. For the top and bottom, punch a hole one inch from the top and bottom edge. If your pad is less than five inches tall: Place two hole punches at equal distances from the top and bottom and each other.

Step Five: Place your brads through the holes to attach all the paper and YOU’RE DONE!!

The one you see in my pictures is a Fruit Gusher Box, I also used a Mini Pancake box, and some Fruit Roll-Up boxes. You can use any box you can find as long as you have the imagination to do it. These are great gifts for women as they can easily be carried in a purse, as well as children and teens!

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