Christmas Gifts Quick, tutorial #1

The first tutorial I will be sharing with you will be for this wonderful grocery pad tear-off list. I made one of these for all of the ladies in my family. (Sorry if you just found out what your Christmas present was…) There are so simple, and don’t take hardly any time to make. Instead of rewriting a tutorial that it already written so well I am simply going to link you to Infarrantly Creative. Here you will find all of the information you need in easy to follow steps and then below I will include my pictures so you can see what I used and how they turned out.


I did include a picture of my cutter and pen here and most of you are thinking, that does not line up with any step I see. Well, it does…this is a tip I have for scoring. I lay my item into the cutter at the measurement needed. Then I run my pen, applying enough pressure to crease, but not break through, and create a score line. Then all you have to do is bend!


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