Our routine

Our routine is not a steadfast schedule by any means! Remember I have a nursing 6 month old (who does not sleep through the night :-/) so this is more of a guideline I like to shoot for.

7 am–wake up and feed the baby; self care
8 am–toddler wakes up
8:30 am–breakfast; clean up table, morning chores
9:30 am–kid’s bathe; change
10 am–nap time for baby; school for the Princess
12:30 pm–lunch
1:30/2:00 pm–nap time; chores for me; planning time (this is when I plan for the volunteer programs I run)
3:30 pm–snack time then playtime together as well as dinner prep together
5:30 pm–dinner
6:30 pm–hubby leaves; evening activities (Mondays- volunteer programs {every other week}; Wednesday-church; Friday-various activities)
8 pm–kid’s bedtime
10 pm–bedtime for me!

Weekends don’t run on the same routine since we always have church on Sunday and Saturdays are different every week!

If we have doctor’s appointments or are planning a library trip we do it in the mornings during the school block. We only do 1-2 hours of school each day because the Princess is only 3 years old.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the kids to nap at the same times and for Little Man to sleep through the night…. Any suggestions….


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