Routines, consistency, and the need for structure…

I do not have any sort of degree in psychology but I, like the next person, have Google, and really isn’t that basically the same thing? Just kidding of course!!

In my years as a parent I have tried all sorts of various routines. I have gained a lot of insight about these various routines through Google searches and have read articles by fellow parents, psychologists, pediatricians, and others. The common thread among these articles you will find, is the premise that children thrive on routine. Some children will thrive on a strict routine, some on a very loose routine but all will thrive on some type of routine.

There are many ways to develop a routine, and many types of routines you can try. I will make one and only one suggestion to you…find what works for you! Do not try to conform to a routine someone else maintains because most likely it won’t work for you.

Some people need strict meal times like my family. We always eat dinner at 5:30 because my husband works overnights on an ambulance and has to leave for work by 6:30. So I need to have dinner on the table at 5:30 and no later! Some people eat at 7:00 and can’t get dinner on the table any earlier and sometimes it’s later. If that works for you…go for it!

Figure out what works in your family and do it! Tomorrow I will post about our daily schedule, what it looks like and why it works for us.


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