Dating your spouse….

My husband and I have definitely had a crazy year in 2011. He has been in school all year, working 42 hours a week as an EMT, plus doing 10-20 hours of clinicals each week. We also had our son in May, and are always chasing around a little girl who is growing faster than I would care to admit. We also went through many things in our marriage, and to be real honest with you, some of them were for better and some for worse. But we worked hard, and worked together to keep things going. Forever and for always.

I am working on making an anniversary gift for my husband (our anniversary is January 2nd). I am not going to release details as my dear husband might randomly visit and spoil the huge surprise, but I did want to share with you some wonderful places to find great dating ideas!!! They have wonderful ideas for dates for two, dates for groups, cheap dates, at home dates, and so many more!!

Visit them!! Date your spouse!!!

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