How much does a stamp cost? Wait, what’s a stamp?

I hope you giggled a little as you read that. It was meant to be tongue in cheek as I hope no one in our generation has gone so far as to have never mailed or received a letter.

Keeping in touch is something that is very important to me. I think in our busy lives we miss out a lot on good simple friendly relationships. A great way to cultivate relationships with people is to talk to them. I don’t mean to text them, I mean to sit down and have a real verbal conversation with them. Another great way to stay in touch is to write to others. I don’t mean to email, facebook, or electronically contact them. I mean sitting down with a piece of paper or a card and jotting a quick note. For me, seeing that someone took time out of their life to actually write me a note, address an envelope, stamp it and drop it in the mailbox makes me feel like a million bucks! So I assume that other people feel the same way when they receive a personal letter or note as well. Each month I get a card and send a card to a great friend whom I live a distance from. They are always simple notes but I love to write one each month and anticipate receiving a note each month!

An easy way to start doing this is to send out a note of encouragement or thanks each week or ever other week or even once a month to someone.

Another simple way is to mail birthday and anniversary cards each month to family members. Remember not an e-card, a real one…made from paper…that goes in an envelope….just kidding again of course!

So write quick note and see how fulfilling it is! Make it a part of your weekly routine! But dont make it a chore, if it’s not fun don’t do it, but give it a chance and see if you enjoy it!!


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