Hide and Sheep (by: Andrea Beaty)

AR Book Level: 2.6

Summary: The sheep are ready to be sheared but the farmer is asleep. Since he doen’t wake up the sheep go on crazy adventures until the farmer catches up with them!

Review: This is a really cute story with beautiful pictures! It also a great story to bring in the element of reverse counting, as you start with ten sheep then go to nine and continue on down. It also rhymes quite beautifully and flows really well!


In searching for teaching¬†material/lesson plans to go with this book, I couldn’t find any. So I am attaching some resources that you could use to create a small unit or day around this story.

This link is to a YouTube video about shearing sheep. It is pretty long but he explains a lot about sheep. (Probably a little in-depth for little ones but very neat! I also want you to know that I did not read the comments, so be cautious that some could be rude or vulgar.)

This craft is one of those cute cottonball sheep crafts. It’s a little more in-depth than the regular glue cotton balls to a piece of construction paper.

This snack sounds super cute! We are so making these!


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