For your marriage…pray for your spouse…

Prayer can do a lot. Not only for those whom we are praying for but also for the ones doing the praying. It seems like when you pray for those who are sick or are struggling, your struggles and sickness don’t seem so bad. I think it’s God’s way of humbling us.

Praying for your spouse daily may seem obvious, but is it something that we are doing. I know I’m not. Today I ran across this really cute craft over at Better Life Blog. It is a prayer book (focused on wives who are praying for their husbands). It is a really neat concept as it reminds us to pray each day for our spouses. (And it’s cute too!)

You may not want to make a craft to remind you to prayer for your spouse and that’s okay, maybe a post-it note in the front of your Bible works better for you, and that’s okay too! Just try to pray each day for your spouse. It will help change and mold you as a spouse as well!

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